Whether you're attending Cooperstown Dreams Park, Allstar Village, 

National Baseball Hall of Fame or searching for the finest vacation home in the 

Otsego Lake area, we invite you to consider our luxury Upstate NY homes. 

Perfect for weekly rentals or short getaways


CooperstownLuxury.com offers you a collection of exceptional homes, cabins, 

lodges and retreats. Some of our properties feature pools or a private elevator. 

We have not only luxury lakefront vacation homes, but others beautifully set on 

expansive acreage as well. Our homes have plenty of room to accommodate a family, 

but are also cozy enough for a romantic weekend getaway.

Enjoy our lodge homes for your family vacations, sabbaticals, anniversary trips, 

baseball season, or just to get away from it all for a while. Gaze out upon the lake 

and you may catch some of our splendid local wildlife, or spend your time 

relaxing in the luxurious accommodations featuring comfortable beds, full kitchens, 

unique custom woodwork, private docks, and so much more!


When you call, we answer. When you ask a question, we respond. 

Just give us a call, text, or email and we will help you out right away. 

We want to make it easy and convenient for the sophisticated traveler to have 

the best vacation possible.

Need a recommendation? We can provide you with personal suggestions from 

a local's perspective, helping you find the best hidden gems that Cooperstown 

and the surrounding area has to offer.


Text, email or call us now. We're ready to personally assist you!

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