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Winter Adventure in Paradise

Remember being a kid and getting so excited by the first snow of the winter? Running out the door to make snow angels or have a snowball fight, and having so much fun your mom had to lure you back inside with hot chocolate? 

Is your family taking the time to enjoy these simple pleasures? Our lives are scheduled to the brim with work, school and activities, and venturing out with winter gear seems like such a hassle. This year, what if you just embraced it and brought the magic back?

Cooperstown is a real winter wonderland and the perfect destination for a winter getaway. Rolling hills blanketed with pure white snow, lakes and rivers covered by glimmering ice, and picturesque village homes with snowmen in their yards… There is so much to do here for a real winter adventure! 

Our log homes are located close to everything you’d want to experience in Cooperstown. Start by hiking or snowshoeing around the nature and see if you can track the footprints of a deer, fox or other wildlife. Get on a pair of cross-country skis and make your way up and down the gentle slopes of the landscape. Go ice fishing on the frozen Otsego lake, or glide and twirl on ice skates. Put your littles on a sled and pull them through the snow for star-gazing at night. And nothing beats snowtubing down the hill at Glimmerglass State Park where the whole community comes together for family fun – rosy cheeks guaranteed! For a faster pace, there are miles upon miles of well-maintained trails for snowmobiling through the woods.

So many adventures are waiting for you! For those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, visit our famous museums and art institutes which are open year-round. Explore our restaurants and breweries, and see what events or festivals are happening around the area.

At the end of each day, you’ll love returning to your toasty warm lodge and sitting down by a crackling fireplace. Come to think of it… Wouldn’t a vacation like this make a wonderful new winter tradition?